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  1. Buyer acknowledges that UOO is not a financial advisor. The buyer is buying a course and the trading system that UOO uses for their personal trades.  Buyer must make their own decisions as to each trade they choose to place. 
  2. Buyer agrees to keep all information confidential and is not authorized to share any portion of the purchased course.
  3. Hold Harmless. Each Party agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, to the fullest extent allowed by law, the other Party and its principals, officers, and employees from and against all claims, demands, suits, actions, payments, liabilities, judgments, and expenses (including court-ordered attorneys' fees), arising out of or resulting from the acts or omissions of UOO in the performance of this Agreement. Liability includes any claims, damages, losses, and expenses arising out of or resulting from the performance of this Agreement that results in any claim for damage whatsoever.
  4. Buyer is purchasing access to the UOO trading course which includes access to all other services listed below. The access is good for a period of 2 years, from the date of this purchase.  Items included:
  • Full Trade like a pro course
  • Access to the UOO proprietary “Flight System” trading signals
  • Access to the UOO live trading room for 1-2 hours each morning
  • Access to 2-4 trade ideas each week
  • The UOO morning market report
  • The UOO weekly economic and market video
  • The UOO members-only chat room
  1. Buyer acknowledges that there are no refunds.
  2. UOO agrees to provide the necessary knowledge to assist buyer with their trading system

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Make money in the Markets!


  1. Daily Market Analysis- which includes my proprietary scoring system
  2. Live Classes on Tues and Thurs at 10am pacific, all of which are recorded
  3. Access to our Discord server which includes hard to find and valuable analysis tools, three AI bots that provide stock recommendations throughout the day
  4. Telegram channels that include my live trades and our members only chat room where members help one another
  5. 1-5 live trade recommendations per day
  6. My Weekly Market Mentor Video which contains 5-10 weekly stock picks
  7. Trade like Wall Street Pro- My course that contains over ten hours of Content
  8. The Trade System I use for both day and swing trading
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