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About Us

Helping new traders find financial freedom since 2018

When Dan Rawitch founded University of Options in 2018, his mission was to make trading easy and accessible for as many people as possible. Since then, we have worked hard to be as inclusive as possible when creating our programs. So whether you're a beginner that doesn't even have a funded account yet, or you're a pro with a huge account- we have something for you!


For those looking for a hands-on expereince, our Options Navigator program will be perfect. It comes with a 30-module course, custom chart indicators, live trading sessions, live training classes, and daily, weekly, and monthly stock picks.


Those looking for something low-maintence will love our forex bots. Between the complimentary white-glove installation, and fully automated trading, these bots offer a nearly complete hands-free experience.


In addition to our Stock Options and Forex programs, we also have our Flight Station Futures bot, as well as a Crypto coinstaking training in the works. 

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Our Story

It all started with a facebook post Founder and CEO, Dan Rawitch posted back in 2018... "As most of you know, I've been successfully trading for 4 decades now. Would anyone be interested in joining a group where I share my daily stock picks?"


Almost instantly, this post had a overwhelming number of comments expressing interest. Within a few days, Dan had garnered a community of a couple hundred eager members ready to learn the same strategies that made Dan a succesful trader.

As the years progressed, what was once a simple telegram channel that posted some killer trade picks, had quickly evolved into the fully comprehensive program it is now. Instrumental in this evolution was the custom chart indicator Dan developed with a team of coders, Flight Station

Dan and University of Options was a one-man-show for years, but then Lee came along. When Lee joined as a member in 2021, neither Dan nor Lee had any intentions of him becomming an integral part of the University of Options team. However, his trading stats were too impressive to ignore, and as more time passed, Lee proved that his stats were not a fluke or beginners luck. He was just as consistent as he was profitable. Lee is now a head trader alongside Dan and leads our daily morning trade sessions.

With the addition of Lee, the snowball began rolling and soon, the team grew. We now have 12 employees with hopes to continue expanding.

Meet The Team

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