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As a member of University of Options you will learn how to pick winning trades.  Our system shows you precisely where to enter a trade.  You will learn how to use stock options for massive leverage.  Our system works well with both small and large accounts.  We teach you everything you need to know, including how to properly open your trading account.  You will become an expert at reading and evaluating charts.  Think how great you will feel when you have total confidence managing 401k and other finances. 



Learn how to read charts

When you can read a chart like an expert, you will have great confidence when you buy or sell a stock.  Learn the inner secrets of how the big money manipulates the market so the little guy always loses.  We teach you how know when the institutional mega players are buying and selling.  With this knowledge you can ride their coat tails and make money when they make money.  The average buy almost always buys near the top, just when the institutions are bailing out.  The little guy is literally buying his shares from the institution that plans to drive down the price the moment they exit.  You learn to win when they win!

Pricing Options

Our current offerings, including the discounted bundle package.

Trade like a Wall Street Pro

  • Daily Market Analysis - proprietary scoring system
  • Live Classes on Tues and Thurs at 10am pacific, all of which are recorded
  • Access to our Discord server which includes hard to find and valuable analysis tools, three AI bots that provide stock recommendations throughout the day
  • Telegram channels that include my live trades and our members only chat room where members help one another
  • 1-5 live trade recommendations per day
  • My Weekly Market Mentor Video which contains 5-10 weekly stock picks
  • Trade like Wall Street Pro- My course that contains over ten hours of Content
  • The Trade System I use for both day and swing trading
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What our members have to say

"Dan has guided me for years and has never let me and my clients down. I feel like an imposter when I recite his info to my clients sometimes! lol! If it wasn't for his generosity, I'd be bartending his events!"

Eric A.
Loan Officer

"I swear to God, I wait for your posts every day to decide whether to lock or not. Much cheaper than MBS Highway haha"

Jim Dougherty
Loan Officer

Dan Rawitch

  • Bond Trader for Bear Stearns in the 80's
  • Founder of Data Fax, the 4th largest mortgage credit reporting firm in the Nation.  Sold to Transunion
  • Founder of RPM Mortgage. Company sold to Finet Holdings
  • CEO of Finet, a NASDAQ traded company which reached a 1 billion dollar market cap
  • Host of RateWatch since 2008. Providing economic and technical analysis on the Bond Market.
  • Host of the Podcast "Avoiding the Storm", an economic Podcast
  • Founder and Senior Trader for Option Addicts and University of Options

Our Story

University of Options, formerly Option Addicts, is a family run startup that was founded in July of 2018 by Dan Rawitch upon his retirement from the mortgage industry. Dan has nearly 40 years of experience on Wallstreet and is confident in predicting market trends, and meltdowns. Rawitch has taught everything he knows to his two daughters, Ashley and Audry, who now work alongside him. Dan is eager to pass his knowledge onto other enthusiastic members and peers. 


Who We Are 

Our main goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed with options. The invaluable set of tools we give you have proven to make anywhere from 10%-15% ROC. 

As an incoming member of University of Options, you will be placed into a beginners group with other newbies like yourself. Dan hosts webinars where he covers all you need to know to become an options investor. If you are unable to attend these meetings, fret not, they are always recorded and sent out to the group. Additionally, Dan announces trades weekly, with an 85% win rate, you won't want to miss out on these trades. This is your opportunity to follow an experienced investor into the exact trades he's taking. 

What are you waiting for?

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